Destination Narkanda

Himachal Diaries, 0735 hours, Day 2, 6th March 2016:

It’s warm, it’s invigorating, it’s a luxury – yep, that’s what The Clarkes Hotel in Shimla is: a luxury. And the luxury comes not from the amenities but from meeting and talking to Roshan Lal, Subhash, and Meher, and Shikha, and Mr Bhatia and Chef Jeevan and … a whole lot of other people behind this Oberoi Group hotel. But more on that later. Right now, I am thinking maybe we should hang around here another day before we start off for the more distant ranges. What’s the sense in running off to Narkanda with the sun barely up … hmm?


But that’s what we are gonna do coz thats what we said we would do and coz it’s good to do what you said you would do and …

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