The Faces on the Mountain

One of the reasons I love walking mountains is that the experience is very similar to watching clouds: shapes become ideas, ideas become forms, forms take on life with their own stories and before I know it, a whole new world with different possibilities stand before me, offering alternative approaches, interpretations and paths. Yep, Mountain Walking and Cloud Watching lead to that realm of existence where the real and the realm beyond co-exist this creating the space that leads to innovation: imagination and creativity.

And so, here’s a photo gallery that tells a story, a story that I call “Ape to Ape”. If you follow the series and look closely, you may recognise a Sleeping Ape turn into a Waking Ape and then a Brooding Ape who then morphs into an experienced Man, who evolves through different stages to be crowned King. Or maybe I imagined it all, and there isn’t anything to see, but then there’s the related story of the Faces on the Mountain … but that’s for another day. Photos by sanjay mukherjee




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