Into The Tiger’s Nest

Kaushik Naik visited the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan in April 2016. Starting this week, The Mountain Walker will showcase a weekly gallery of the breath-taking photographs from Kaushik’s personal travel diary. This week we present photos from a hike to the Taktsang Palphug Monastery (The Tiger’s Nest).

The Bhutan Diaries, April 2016

Paro was the first stop in our itinerary, and it was a great introduction to Bhutan and its culture. It was my first trip to Bhutan and I must admit I was very much a wide-eyed tourist, although equipped with my trusted camera. While we visited different locations across Paro, the Taktsang Monastery caught my imagination – it’s quiet well known and am sure it is one of the first places that may come to your mind when you think of Bhutan. Also known as ‘The Tiger’s Nest’, the Taktsang Monastery is a languid two-hour trek from the base.

I would recommended that you remember to pack a bottle of water and some snacks before you start off. The hike to the Monastery is beautiful, offers plenty of opportunities to spot different birds and Himalayan flora, and provides a stunning view of the Paro Valley. The trek is a real test of your fitness but it’s totally worth it. The temple is beautifully built and has an incredibly peaceful and spiritual feel – it is worth exploring its history as well. The hike to The Tiger’s Nest is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. Photos: Kaushik Naik


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