Waiting for the Snow

Himachal Diaries, 1850 hours, Day 2, 6th March, 2016:

It was 2 degrees centigrade, drizzling, with chilly winds criss-crossing across the roads when we arrived at The Tethys in Narkanda on Day 2 of our Himachal drive.

Did I mention it was raining in Narkanda when we arrived? And that it was cold? Cold, cold? As in Cold cold, brrr brr cold cold?

Well, it’s beautiful outside … so long as you are inside on this side of the glass window. And it’s very chilly due to the wind, but it’s very quiet, so quiet that you can hear the rain drops, dripping onto the pine needles and then lazily drip, drip, and dropping to the grass below.

It’s gonna snow i’d say. Any time now. (well, i am hoping it snows; Ameen and Kaushal and the hotel staff are saying it is going to snow soon).

I wonder how it will be climbing Hatu in the snow…

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