Mountain Walking

Dochula Pass

The Thimpu Punakha Highway in Bhutan provides the traveler with lots of beautiful sights of the Himalayas all around. But one of the most mesmerizing places on this highway – Dochula Pass – comes after driving roughly 35 minutes from Thimpu. (Photos by Kaushik Naik)

As one is busy enjoying the beautiful drive up the mountain, the weaving road suddenly reaches the crest, turns around a small hillock and then carries on down to the other side. The sight of this hillock with its 108 “chortens” immediately pulls the traveler to a stop. And at a height of around 3000m, the Dochula Pass offers unobstructed panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains near and far. On a clear day, shutterbugs get endless photography opportunities at Dochula Pass. It undoubtedly features as a must stop destination for the tourists traveling in Bhutan.