The Road to Chitkul

Chitkul is a small village, nestled in the Himalayan mountains near the India-China border, in the district of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India. At 3450 metres above sea-level, Chitkul was the highest destination we visited during our March 2016 trip. 

The last Indian village before the border with China, Chitkul is situated in the valley of the Baspa River, amidst remote mountains that are stark, intense, and wildly beautiful. The road from Sangla to Chitkul via Raksham is a walker’s delight, though it’ll be faster if you drive. Every turn, every dip, every climb reveals a new canvas from nature, every whisper of the wind introduces a new tune, every trail beckons one for a new journey. The Baspa River is mesmerising, with waters from the glaciers above and the melting snow in the vicinity. A drink, a dip, and a wade in the ice-cold winters waters of March, followed by another long drink from the fresh water left me with memories so deep that I can feel the wind and taste the water even now without closing my eyes.

A few photographs from the day-long sojourn.


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