Mountain Walking

Perspectives from the Baspa

Ameen Shaikh digs up a select few pictures from the March 2016 trip to express his views on the mundane and the exciting, on the evident and the unseen, on the superficial and the deep.

The Regular: On reaching any destination, the first thing we do nowadays is to reach into our repertoire of gadgets and try to capture everything that the eyes see. It’s only after this initial “regular” exercise ends that the other sensations kick in, taking one on a path of engaging in thoughts and perspectives.

Baspa Waters 01

The Regular: Out come the gadgets

The Outlook: Whether at the destination in a group or solo, the way we look at everything around us varies. For some of us, the journey matters while for others, the destination. And the way we experience the place is a reflection of our inner being.

Baspa Waters 09

The Outlook: Instrospection vs. Retrospection

Baspa Waters 02

The Outlook: “Been there done that” vs. “See all feel all”

The Comparison: On seeing the flowing water jump around the boulders, can it be compared to the turbulence in one’s head? – One moment, a single thought hovers, and the next moment, something else crops up. What does the boulder portray, as it stays at the same place, hardly changing, literally watching the ever changing waters flow over it? While the water makes a lot of noise flowing over the boulder, the boulder itself is a silent participant in this symphony. On a different chain of thoughts, the vast sky appears to embrace the mountain although it’s far far away – so who is reaching out to whom, which one of them is the other’s “world”?

Baspa Waters 04

The Comparison: Water vs. Rock

Baspa Waters 08

The Comparison: Water vs. Rock against Mountain vs. Sky

The Purity: Water, in essence, is the same everywhere but the freshness levels appear highest when one is as close to the source of the water body as possible. Is it because we subconsciously seek the pure and unadulterated that in spite of the coldness of the water in the mountains, it is more refreshing than further downstream?

Baspa Waters 06

The Purity

The Child: As adults, we know how cold a mountain river can be and what is the sensation one will possibly feel on touching the waters. Even then, we put our hands and feet into the gushing waters, reconnecting with the child inside, forgetting all apprehensions and indulging in simple but memorable experiences. This is the best way to evaluate “Theory vs Practical” and “Thoughts vs Action”.

Baspa Waters 05

The Child: Hands-on unlearning and experiencing anew

Baspa Waters 03

The Child: Feet-in unlearning and experiencing anew

The Learning: It’s never too late to learn something new, or to relearn, undo the “taken for granted”, to unlearn… The people in our lives – no matter what their age or ours, no matter what they are or what we are, no matter what they do or what we don’t – can always teach something new, give a different perspective, make things appear in better light than what we see them in.

Baspa Waters 07

The Learning

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