In sight of Parwanoo

Crazy heat in #Chandigarh when we landed. Crazy in relation to the monsoon rains we left behind in Pune yesterday and Mumbai this morning.

Shivalik 01

Looking out eagerly towards the Shivalik hills; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee


The sight of the Shivaliks in the distance is exciting – we are on NH 22 moving out of Panchkula, passing Pinjore and heading towards Parwanoo. It’s the sudden change in temperature and rapid ascent with respect to altitude that can get to a traveler heading for the mountains. The trick is to sip little sips of water and keep expecting the rapid changes and keep active – talking, observing, reading.

Shivalik 02

The weather towards the Shivalik hills looks inviting; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee


There’s rain up ahead in the Shivaliks (and we know that it’s pouring in Shimla as well, though we are still a couple of hours away).

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