Being on the road

I am one of those ancient relics of old when it comes to travel. I don’t research destinations. I don’t prepare for travel. I don’t train for a mountain walk or climb. I just turn up for the trip with two pairs of jeans, clean clothes, a phone with a camera (my concession to technology), and my six senses. I figure I will find everything else on the way.

It’s a dumb way to travel I have been told. I should know where I am going I have been told. I should plan and prepare I have been told. And I bow my head in respect to such advice and good sense. But from my experience, the road is the only one with control, not me. I like not knowing because then there is a possibility that I will learn. I like not knowing because there is nothing more arrogant or less stupid on a road than me thinking “I know”. Not knowing keeps me alert and open to the environment.
On this trip, I am travelling with Abhishek (35) and Abhinav Kaushal (28) of Mountain Walker, with Parvinder, the 45-year-old man who drove the Mahindra Xylo, and my 9-and-a-half year old son. Each has his own take and approach and body of knowledge, and at every step, the interaction and discussions on routes, stay, food, treks, etc has been an education for me. What I am learning from the people I met on the trip, is a completely different blog post.

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