Nako, finally 

July 15, 2016:       We reached #Nako just now at 3.30 pm and guess what? We didn’t pass #Malling Nallah like I had thought we would. Ameen had specifically asked me to watch out for and check out the two JCBs that were always stationed on the Malling Nallah. Apparently, the Malling Nallah was a scourge of motorists on this road since it was notorious for landslides and excess water on the roads, so much so that the two JCBs were permanently stationed there to clear up the road.

Nako 01

Refreshingly green Nako; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee

Kaushal (Abhishek) explained: “You remember that road which was going down to the left from the main road where the roadwork was going on? That goes towards the old Malling Nallah.”

I was excited. “So, the Nallah is still there and we can see the water flowing onto the road and the JCBs?”

“Arrey that road is closed. Now the road comes to Nako and then passes Malling at a higher point.” I nodded and shifted my focus to Nako, quite disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see a heavy waterfall flooding the road under our wheels.

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