Thukpa, Chowmein, Momos, Tibetan Bread

When we reached #Nako, we stopped at the tiny village square which is actually a forked junction with one path leading up towards the left and the other leading down into the village towards the right.

And bang in the centre of this junction is the #ReoPurguil Hotel, and after checking out a couple of options, we realised Reo Purguil Hotel is the best in town (and not the most expensive), so we did a mighty quick check in.

And right across the hotel is the #TashiDelek Restaurant, where we walked ourselves in after settling down in the rooms. An hour later we walked out of the Tashi Delek Restaurant having had a big lunch of Mutton Thukpa, Mutton Chowmein, Mutton Momos and Tibetan bread with local honey. The Thukpa and Chowmein were awesome but it was the Tibetan bread and local honey that did the trick.

Btw, as of this moment, this is the highest altitude I have ever stayed at in my life: 3662 meters above sea-level.

Nako Food 01

Mutton Thukpa; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee

Nako Food 04

Mutton Chowmein; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee

Nako Food 03

Mutton Momos; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee

Nako Food 02

Tibetan Bread with Honey; Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee

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