Checking-in at Sumdo

July 16, 2016.

We are now at #Sumdo. We saw that the #Spiti was joined here by another stream or river, so I asked the amiable guard at the checkpost which river it was, and he said: “Yeh to Parchu river hai, China se aa rahi hai. (This is the #Parchu river from China).”

Sumdo checkpost also marks the district border between #Kinnaur and #Lahaul&Spiti within Himachal Pradesh.

Got some useful information on distances from Sumdo towards #Manali:

Gue 11

Tabo 28

Dhang Khar 60

Pin Valley 93

Kaza 76

Kee 89

Hikkam 99

Lossar 134

Battal 164

Chander Taal 174

Chhattru 192

Gramphoo 209

Rohtang 226

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