First ‘Feel’ of Dhankhar

I walked through the ancient mountains into the monastery at #Dhankhar, said to be more than a 1000 years old. I was in an indifferent state (neutral) induced by the serene views of the #Spiti and the #Pin and the majesty of the many mountains all around Dhankhar.

All this changed suddenly and quickly when I stepped in through the main gates. First up, the Monastery buildings begin within a few feet from the main gate. And second, there is a little ledge on the left-hand side which is unnerving (to me that is) since it’s narrow and since it leads up to a sort of dead-end standing-place-for-one-person Rock (which you can only reach after a super balancing act three-step climb) – but it gives a view I would, literally, die for.

Finally, the prayer recitals have started. And standing under the red clay-and-mud walls, I feel a sense of calm and peace emanating from me and inside me, as I listen to the chants and the ethereal drums.

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