Three Friends and Sindoori The Car reporting on Spiti

This post is about the coolest thing I have seen in many moons, but am getting ahead of myself. I work in several fields and two of those fields are: Travel, and Learning & Technology.

There is a lot of learning that is said to happen in Learning & Technology and I come across many instances of such learning and am thankful for it.

There is a lot of technology that is said to be used in various fields including travel and I come across many instances of such technology and am thankful for it.

Every once in a while though one comes across an individual or group or company that uses all that they have learned in conjunction with their education and competence, combine that with emerging technologies and then collaborate with the world in general to create something new and produce an example that sets travel, technology and learning on its head.

Pranshu Dubey of Pixeldo (www.pixeldo.com) has just done that (not the first time), in collaboration and with the participation of his friends and fellow professionals, Bharat Baswani, Chaitanya Solanki and Sindoori The Car. Yep, this is the same group we had written a few days earlier when we met them in Tabo. The travel experience they have produced is scintillating, Hollywood ishtyle.

Check out their work on Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Key Monastery ZoomOut PixelDo

PixelDo ZoomOut of Key Monastery; Image courtesy pixeldo.com

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