Hunting accommodation 

July 18, 2016, 1640 hours.

We just crossed a Nallah and have now reached #Losar. Kaushal had hoped for us to stay at Samsong Cafe and Guest House (On his 2004 trip he had stayed here and it was a good experience). But that’s all booked. So he’s now checking out options. Parvinder’s gone with him. The Wayfarer is out wayfaring. Me? I am just standing outside Samsong’s and doing nothing.

Then this lady enquired if the Xylo was ours. So I nodded and told her we were hunting accommodation and that we had hoped to stay at Samsong. Turns out she’s Kamganz, in-charge or one of the owners and she was apologetic that they were all booked out (the place has five rooms). She said we would find a good place up the road, not to worry. I thanked her and took a walk around the main road.

There were quite a few travellers and tourists from different countries and the one little main road was busy. There were two cafes and a souvenir-cum-equipment-cum-supplies shop on that one road.

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