What Lies Ahead

July 19, 2016, 0835 hours.

We are on our way to Kunzum La (Kunzum Pass), from where we will trek to Chandratal.

I know Kaushal is worried about my condition. My right knee is inflamed – has been since the climb down from the Tabo Cave Shrines. I am visibly limping at the moment, my natural swagger doesn’t hide the limp any more. 😂

“Don’t worry, I’ll climb all the way through,” I told him.

He smiled. “I know you will. Am just weighing the risks of serious injury.”

Kaushal evaluates all risks he can think of. He had two worries on this trip – how the altitude might affect me and, my knee. He isn’t worried about the altitude any more. And while he trusts my judgement on the knee, he’s still thinking ahead in case it is required. He’s that meticulous and respectful of safety. He also knows that the knee condition is something I live with every day and that I won’t take any risks that will put others at risk or inconvenience. I will decide to go to Chandratal in the car rather than trek it up under duress and jeopardise the trek for the others.

But so far so good.

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