Following the Chandrabhaga

July 20, 2016, 0935 hrs.

And so we are now following the #Chandrabhaga across #Lahaul. And if possible for the imagination, the terrain is even starker, harsh even. What a life it would be to live here – hard and yet fulfilling, simple and yet complex.

I have spent most of my life in Maharashtra, and being from Maharashtra with an interest in Sanskrit, classical music and bhajans, means I have grown up with the name Chandrabhaga, immortalised by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s renditions of Sant Eknath’s ¬†Mazhe Maher Pandhari.

Of course, the Chandrabhaga that Sant Eknath sings of is the Bheem River near Pandharpur.

And the Chandrabhaga that I am looking at now – wide, playful, and remote – is the Chandrabhaga of the Vedas, here in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh. The Chandrabhaga is also famous as The #Chenab. Apparently, it flows from Himachal to Jammu and Kashmir and then into Punjab.

It’s odd how the mind travels…


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