Feature Story

It’s Here: The Mountain Walker Services Portfolio

It’s been an amazing journey since our launch in May 2016 and we write to thank each and every one of our readers, well-wishers and followers. Since launch, we have had quite a few enquiries regarding our services and products. Like any other business we have a planned roadmap and accordingly, in the first phase of our launch, we focused on providing high-quality content with verified information, firsthand experiences, and authoritative narrations.
Meanwhile, we have also been busy building partnerships with trusted regional and local hospitality enterprises, transport firms, logistics support, and the like.
We now embark on a different phase of our journey, with the launch of our Services portfolio and Destination itineraries. We begin our services with Standard Packages. These are travel packages to destinations that you can book through us. These Standard Packages are crafted for different travel goals, with Mountain Walker verified accommodation and transport, and recommended activities.
We look forward to the continued support from our community (that is you), and folks: We are now open for business.
If you have any queries, drop us an email at: ihaveaquestion@themountainwalker.com

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