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Mountain Walker September 2016 Diaries: Gathering Everything 

Pune, September 5, 2016, 1304 hours:

And so, here I am, a day away from leaving on my first long-haul Mountain Walker trip. Historically, I’ve been on many personal and official tours and trips but most of them have been a couple of weeks long which meant packing stuff was not too tough. But this time round, it’s different ’cause I’ll be out for around one-and-a-half months. And while my previous tours and trips had a somewhat fixed agenda which would help me pack, this time it’s all open-ended. And that entails looking way into the future, anticipating what all we’ll do as per a rough draft plan, and what all we might end up doing impromptu.

The camera equipment is spread out in front of me. All power points in my home are loaded with battery chargers right now and I’ll be emptying and formatting all memory cards soon.

Camera Equipment all spread out, have to ensure everything to be packed is here and ready; Photo: Ameen Shaikh

The rucksack has been aired and sunned for quite a few days now and it eagerly lies open, waiting for me to fill its bowels to the brim.

The rucksack waiting to fulfil its destiny 😁; Photo: Ameen Shaikh

The clothes are the standard cotton trousers, t-shirts (as many as I can fit in, irrespective of how old or new, how good fitting or bad), a sweatshirt, a fleece jacket, a waterproof wind-cheater, thermals, gloves, caps (both woollen and baseball), lowers, socks (lots, all varieties)… And most important of all, loads of inner wear… 

While I’m writing all this down, I’m suddenly starting to worry whether I’ve listed everything above… I should get back to packing I think… 

So more on the preps in a while… 

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