The ShaikhSpear Himachal Diary 2016: And Finally Home

Majhot, Himachal Pradesh, India, 3:20 pm:

And here I am finally – the Home I had been eagerly waiting to come to for the past few months. Aunty was eagerly waiting to meet me and the warmth of her smile and the comfort of her hug was the best welcome I could receive.

I kept my bags inside and washed up. On being asked by Aunty and Uncle whether I want to have tea first or directly eat fried rice, I told them “I’m in your house and under your care now. I’ve left all whims and fancies behind. So I’ll do whatever is the norm.” At this, Aunty then clarified that the Pahadi tradition here is that when anyone comes home (which could be at any time, unannounced quite often), they offer tea first. And there’s always extra tea ready for such occasions. Quantities of tea in the glass vary from a few sips to a full steel glass. Right now, I don’t care about quantity. It just feels heavenly to drink it like a magical potion after all the traveling I’ve undertaken in the past few days. 🙂

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