The ShaikhSpear Himachal Diary 2016: Settling Down

Majhot, Himachal Pradesh, India, 08 September 2016, 6:30 pm:

Aunty left for Khatnol village half an hour ago to pick up fodder for the cows. Since the bag is a whopping 40 kgs, she and another lady-relative will carry 20 kgs each. This is routine for her while I was (and maybe still am) worried about carrying my rucksack on treks!

In the meanwhile, Uncle sat down with a neighbour and started removing daal (Rajma) from the outer casing husk. I had seen the stack while coming into the house and now understood what it was all about.

Once they were done with the daal extraction for the day, husk was taken inside the cow shelter. Uncle kept a steel water bucket in front of the cows to drink from. However, since the cows had eaten green grass earlier, they simply refused to drink water by turning their heads away from the bucket. Uncle had anticipated it but tried nonetheless. Taking the cows inside was easier for the smart cows had seen their favourite daal husk being put inside their shelter. And so, without much prodding, the cows immediately ran inside into their shelter.

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