The ShaikhSpear Himachal Diary 2016: A Quick Visit to Khatnol

Khatnol, Himachal Pradesh, India, 11 September 2016, 4:00 pm:

While Mela Ram Aunty and I were out Cow Grazing, Mela Ram Uncle left for Khatnol for the Gram Panchayat General House meeting. After lunch, I headed off to Khatnol to meet Uncle and take a quick look around the area. Aunty went to a nearby village to offer condolences on the death of a relative of an acquaintance.

Khatnol was first inhabited by a prince of the Bhajji royal family. The prince built a house on the small hillock. The area now houses the Primary School and a Cooperative Store cum Ration Depot cum Fair Price Shop. A new Dispensary building has come up, but at a seemingly far off location, across the fields.

After a quick stop at the Fair Price shop, we headed back to Majhot.

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