Thank You: You’ve been with us every little step


This month, The Mountain Walker completes 6 months of operations as a privately held company. We embarked on this journey pretty much as we walk mountains – moving along one small step at a time. Our vision is to contribute to society one one post, one client, one service, one product, one image, one video, one partnership, one employee at a time. That’s because we believe that every singular matters.

We are planning ahead but also changing plans as required; we are¬†working hard, but enjoying ourselves so that our occupation doesn’t become a ‘job’; We are marching to our own tunes, but listening to all well-wishers who have advise for us. We are falling down, but getting up; we are stumbling but learning to hang on; we are walking come rain, shine, snow, or just plain hot weather.

We take this opportunity to thank you for being with us every step, for encouraging us, for letting us know we matter too. We look forward to the next month, and the next trip, and the next peak, and the next valley …

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