The ShaikhSpear Himachal Diary 2016: A Place to Stay

Khanag, Himachal Pradesh, India, 18 September 2016, 6:20 pm:

As we crossed Anni, we realised we still have enough daylight left to carry on further up towards Jalori Pass. The road till Kamand was smooth tarmac single lane road. Thereafter, the road condition deteriorated drastically.

We contacted our good friend Nitin Chauhan who told us that we would find a guest house in Khanag. On searching online (through shifting data network from 2G to H+), we found out that there is a HPPWD Rest House in Khanag; However, prior bookings are required to be done and by the time we called the landline number on the website, it was 5:15 pm, which meant the office would’ve closed.

We kept continuing ahead, hoping to find something before Khanag or in Khanag. On reaching Khanag, we saw a couple of Home Stay boards but nothing seemed to be open. So we continued a little ahead and came to the HPPWD Rest House to try our luck with getting a room to stay.

We stopped our car outside the main gate, walked in and spoke to the Man Friday. He asked us if we had booked a room and since we hadn’t, he called some official to check if we could stay here. A little while later, he asked us to park the car inside, and also enquired how to manage dinner. We told him that simple Daal Chaawal would be sufficient for us. Then he walked inside and opened the room.

All this while, as we were standing outside the building, there was no verbal confirmation from the person on whether we could stay or not. He then told us that the room is open and we can go in. So we have been lucky enough to have gotten a place to stay for the night, without any bookings. Lessons have been learnt for the day. Time to stretch our legs, relax and enjoy the evening.


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