Mountain Walking

The Mountain Walker is looking for Native Himalayan Storytellers

One of the key focus areas of The Mountain Walker for 2017-18 is to develop a remunerative eco-system for bloggers, writers and other content contributors who are native to high-altitude Himalayan mountains.

We live in a world where content is mostly offered free and therefore, making a meaningful living from original content is a challenge to begin with. We also live in a world where buying is in bulk, delivery is on large scale.

The Mountain Walker focuses on the singular, not on scale. The Mountain Walker focuses on writers and photographers who know the mountains they write and click images about because they come from there or have spent considerable time in those mountains. We are happy if you have one story to tell. Or several.

We have an experienced editorial and creative team that provides guidelines for submissions. Our process is simple and transparent. Our focus is on creating value through content for the community, for ourselves and for you, the storyteller.

So if you live in one of the Himalayan states in India, have a knack for telling a story or describing a journey that you believe is important to share with fellow travellers, do write in to us at, and let’s see if the conversation develops into an opportunity for both parties.

For the record, we offer three engagement models for content providers:

  1. Independent Writer contracts
  2. Work-for-hire contracts
  3. Project contracts

Take care and keep the faith.

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