And then… A “Sheep Bathing Area”

I thought that after the Sarkari Bhed (Government Sheep) experience, my “sheep” related learnings were done with. However, on reaching the Bharmani Mata Temple at Bharmour in Himachal Pradesh, India, I was in for an even bigger surprise. The Department of Animal Husbandry of Himachal Pradesh had put up a designated “Sheep Bathing Area” here. Wow… Himachal does take proper care of it’s sheep.


“Sheep Bathing Area” under the Department of Animal Husbandry, Himachal Pradesh; Photo: Ameen Shaikh

A small enclosure was filled with sheep who were huddled together tightly, bleating – pleading not to be bathed. And the shepherds were using all means – from fully carrying to lifting the rear legs and pushing the front legs – to make the sheep go into the bathing pool. Once inside, the sheep didn’t have much choice and they would wade through the water onto the other end of the pool. Once out, they would next walk down the stairs, shaking themselves dry.


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