Sarkari Bhed (Government Sheep)

In our daily lives, we so often hear about so many things that have the “Government” tag attached. But this I was not prepared for at all – “Government Sheep” of all things. I had come across lots of shepherds since we entered Kinnaur but I never really bothered about the details. And I was totally surprised to get this information when we met the shepherds in Kara, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India. A team of 5 “Government” employees come to these meadows every year in the last week of May and stay till the last week of September. Their duty is to graze and take care of 250 Merino wool sheep allotted to them. And if one of these sheep stray of into other herds (as had happened when we were there) or get lost, it’s not too difficult to trace them back – the “Government Sheep” are numbered and their tails are cut off as marks of identification. And what more – in the video, the sheep can be seen running towards the rocks next to the stream to feast on salt. Phew… What strange things one gets to learn on The Mountain Walking Experiences…


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