Mountain Walking

The Terrace Farms near Fagu

Fagu, Himachal Pradesh, India, 12 December 2016, 1233 hours:

We stopped at Fagu to buy snacks and stuff for the journey ahead. By the time Abhishek got back with the purchased items, Suresh and I had taken a long, leisurely peek at the farming technique (popularly known as ‘Terrace Farming’) used by farmers in the hills. In order to help the water stay and move through the fields, the farmers divide the land into smaller fields which look like steps when seen from a distance, probably why the technique is also called ‘Step Farming’.

After we crossed Fagu, we entered the other side of the Mahasu range with a view of Churdhar Peak in the distance. Even though the haze hindered view (and photography), the sight was exciting and we hope to trek the Churdhar one of these days.


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