Mountain Walking

A Walk to Remember

Summerhill, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, 7 January 2017, 1530 hours:

As there was no electricity, I decided to head out towards the Summerhill Railway Station. On my way I saw plenty of trees fallen due to the weight of the snow which had accumulated on them. The railway service to Shimla has also been stopped and at many places the trees have fallen on the electricity wires also. I guess there will be no electricity tonight or tomorrow, looking at all the damage. The snow is still falling, though people can be seen enjoying this heavenly feeling at every nook and corner.


Fallen oak trees and branches on the road from Boileauganj to Summerhill; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


Precariously lying across the road between Boileauganj and Summerhill, this tree calls for extreme precaution for people crossing under it; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


The amount of snow on the roof of this shed gives an idea on how much it has snowed already; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


Summerhill Railway Station has come to a standstill; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


The train locomotive engine ready to snow surf its way from Summerhill to Shimla; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


It’s time for the winter games; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


The Summerhill Chowk (also known as Himachal Pradesh University chowk) which is usually crowded by students, wears a deserted look amidst the continuous snowfall; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


And people come out onto Summerhill Chowk as the snowfall recedes just a tad bit; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


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  1. Sangti, Summer Hill. The place where I once lived. Where I first experienced snowfall. Beautiful pictures. Brought back old memories.