ShaikhSpear Winter Trip 2017 Diaries: Lost in Time

​I’ve had no reference of time since morning. Even though I made a few calls earlier in the day and saw the watch, the actual time didn’t register at any of the instances. Seems like I’m in a different world, in a different time. It’s been cloudy since morning so it’s comparatively darker even during the day. And we’ve been in this grayscale terrain for quite some time so it was just about watching different shades of white and gray. It’s only when the headlights of the car were switched on that I realised it’s 6:00 pm. We have a long drive ahead and I’m not sure whether I’ll have any reference of time going ahead. The places along this road will now just pass by in the darkness. Had we been travelling during daylight hours, I would’ve been able to see more around these locations. But that’s become a reason that’s good enough to bring me back on this road. When that will happen is something I shouldn’t worry about, for I’m finally on this road after a 18 year wait. Right now, I’ll just enjoy the night drive ahead with whatever is in store.


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