The Mountain Walker Diaries: Night Drive Ahead

Ribba, Himachal Pradesh, India, 17 January 2017, 1700 hours:
We are a bit behind schedule and have been debating a halt at Spilo or Nako. One of the drivers of a passenger van coming from Kaza said the road to Kaza is open. So we are planning to push ahead since Kaza is our destination for a base. Which means a drive through till probably 10-11. Sanjay Mehta, our driver, is a seasoned driver and trekker from these parts, so am not particularly concerned.
We will take a call later and who knows we may end up stopping at Nako or even Spilo, though the latter is something I’d like to avoid because it will push our schedule back by at least a day.
Oh, now it’s snowing and we are stuck in a tight spot.

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