The Mountain Walker Diaries: Pooh

Pooh, Himachal Pradesh, India, 17 January 2017, 1903 hours

It is pitch dark now, and the road is clear. There are vehicles coming and and going, so we have company enough.
We are aiming to get to Kaza tonight, but let’s see.
There are two main risks on a night drive this deep in remote Himalayas in the winter. First, the weather, if it snows the road could close or become risky even dangerous. Second, if we get stuck in between destinations, then we will be up the creek with no paddle.
There are a few other hazards, such as shooting rocks or boulders in certain sections- these can be serious depending on the size of the rock and if it hits the vehicle.

But there is a serenity on a night drive that is incomparable. It is the road, you and eternal silence. It is beautiful.

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