The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Coldddd Wind

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 18 January 2017, 1115 hours:

We have been out and about Kaza town for the past hour. The local residents are an outgoing and welcoming lot. Almost every one we passed greeted us, and every other person wanted to know where we are from. But the question all of them eventually asked without fail: why did you come to Spiti in winter? Aren’t you feeling cold?!”
Of course, I am feeling cold. All of Kaza is covered in snow. And today I put on four layers of clothing, and for the most part I was okay, except when I took the gloves off – within a minute, the fingers freeze, and after two minutes, they start aching with the biting cold. If the wind starts blowing, then the layers of clothes are little defence.

Abhishek Kaushal and Ameen Shaikh all bundled up in Kaza

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