The Mountain Walker Diaries: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know (But Should Never Ask Me) About Cars

Kaza-Key Road, Himachal Pradesh, India, 20 January 2017, 1145 hours:
The car has stalled and listening to Sanju, Abhishek and Ameen diagnosing the issue, probable causes and possible solutions, I am thinking it’s a good thing I either walk or hire a car – there’s no way I will ever learn and know so much about vehicles, roads, conditions, and everything in between. Diesel engines, CRDe, fuel injection system … the whole conversation was engrossing and I asked intelligent sounding questions and nodded sagely from time to time – (but it was all above my head).
Ameen is an automobile engineer, Sanju has been driving and maintaining vehicles in these conditions for more than a decade and Abhishek knows as much about driving on Himalayan roads as he does about climbing. And, of course, all three are born and brought up in Himachal Pradesh. I, therefore, forgive myself my ignorance.
It took them 35 minutes, but they got the car going on.

Here’s a part of my contribution to the whole matter:

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