The Mountain Walker Diaries: Thinking Through Chicham

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 20 January 2017, 0841 hours:
Am thinking about Chicham. The village is accessible by a road from Kioto village, but that means a 30 kilometre detour and in these conditions of snow and ice, it might take 2-3 hours one way. The advantage of taking that road is that we can cover a part of the Kaza-Losar road and the Big Meadow. 
The other, shorter, way is to go via the Key-Kibber road and then take a short diversion up to a deep gorge. At the gorge, there is a basket and two ropes. One gets into the basket and pulls the rope (or someone at the other side pulls the rope), and you jingle-jangle across in that basket, dangling a few hundred metres above an abyss. 
Apparently, a bridge has been built recently, and one can walk across in 45 minutes.
We are most likely to take the Key-Kibber road given that it will take half the time, giving us more time to interact with the residents. 

Right now, it is time for Tibetan Puri-Aloo and more chai. 😃

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