The Mountain Walker Diaries: Time

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 20 January 2017, 0756 hours:
I have no idea what day it is (Monday, Tuesday). The only reason I have kept track of the date is because when writing posts, I am simply adding one every morning to the previous date.
The only time I am looking at the time on the phone is when I am writing these posts. Else, am going about the day and night as per state of sunlight and as per my body’s schedule. Work is getting done at a tremendous pace since the eye is not on the clock- going out, talking to people, shooting footage, writing, composing, designing, scripting and catching up on backlog. 
I am up after the three glasses of hot water, and now, sipping hot chai. There is aloo-puri for breakfast and then we will be off to Key Monastery and then to Chicham village. 
Right now, everybody is huddled around the Living Room Tandoor 😂
We are talking to Bharat Bhushan from Shimla who are regulars at Sakya homestay. Bharat is a mountaineer and an instructor for mountaineering and related sports and is he fit! We are gathering information and experiences about Chicham from him.

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