The Mountain Walker Diaries: A Long Day

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 21 January 2017, 2120 hours:
Done for the day. It was a long, crazy, and amazing day. We went beyond Pangmo village but stopped well short of Kyoto. In all, we travelled 30-odd kilometres today, all of it in reasonably deep snow, and most of it through fresh snowfall.
I also walked 2-odd kilometres in shin-to-at-times-knee deep snow through snowfall and it felt great. There was a lot of heat generated when I was walking to the point I was sweating inside the layers, and the weather was generally envigorating. 
It was a good day’s work for the entire team. By the time we came back, all the villages we had passed were covered under fresh snow and it was still snowing. Kaza did not experience more than a sprinkle though. There is heavy snowfall predicted all around including Kaza for 23-24th of January. (We are scheduled to head out of Spiti on the 24th latest 25th). Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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