The Mountain Walker Diaries: Cold & Heat

Near Rangrik, Himachal Pradesh, India, 22 January 2017, 1130 hours:
The weather is clear today and accompanying this turn of events is a vigorous and bright sun, which seems to be letting its brilliance lose after five days of being shrouded.
As a result, the whiteness is reflecting from all around (land, mountains) and making it very difficult to gaze upon anything for more than a minute. Had to finally wear the Cat 4 sunglasses. 
And, it is seriously hot as well, like in the plains. Feels a bit weird walking around in ankle-deep snow in every which direction … and feeling as if I am in the Thar Desert. Come to think of it, Spiti is a Cold Desert, which means the cold is cooooold and the hot is hooooottttt!

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