The Mountain Walker Diaries: Langza!

Langza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 22 January 2017, 1645 hours:
We just came through a hair-raising drive, an hour long, through some of the most beautiful mountainscapes in the world and through one of the most treacheous high-mountain roads covered in snow and ice.

Usually I pride myself in hanging half out of the car, shooting footage. And I did do so on this one too but I was gripping the iPhone so hard for dear life that my finger keeps butting into the frame! It is possible that my life did flash in front of the camera a few times while I ‘filmed’.

(Psst: this part of India is one of the most beautiful places on earth on a clear, blue-sky winter day. As Sanju kept saying from a borrowed and modified Hindi version of a famous Amir Khusroo verse: agar kahin jannat hai toh woh yeh hai; very loose translation – if there is paradise on earth, it is here.)

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