The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Wait

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 28 January 2017, 2201 hours:
A long dinner of dal-rice, chana, and conversation. Not sure if I have mentioned before but we get dinner in brass plates and it has been giving me an odd satisfaction. As does watching the embers burn in the Tandoor.
The evening was well spent too- a bit of writing, conversation with the team and some reading.
We intend to leave tomorrow morning at 8 am. The roads are cleared till Shimla with three dangerous stretches of possible avalanches: Mani Dhank (3-4 kms); Sumdo (200-odd metres); and near Pooh, there is a nullah where there is danger of a glacier slide.
We are risking the journey because two cars which had left Shimla have reached Tabo, where they have taken a night halt.
Tomorrow, we head straight for Shimla, a herculean task for a day by any yardstick. If we get to Shimla by midnight, then we can make our afternoon flight the day after from Chandigarh to Mumbai. And then the drive to Pune.
Life is alive.

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