The Mountain Walker Diaries: A Flurry of Calls

Ahead of Mane Dhank Bridge, Himachal Pradesh, India, 29 January 2017

1405 hoursJust called Abhishek to return to the car since it’s getting onto evening and they are likely to get into difficulties. Instead, we can head back towards Sichling and look for a night halt. 

1422 Hours: Abhishek called back to say they had spoken to Tsering and the expected vehicles had left Tabo. He will let us know the status soon. So, for the moment, we will stay put and take a call once we have a concrete update from the Tabo side.

1435 hours: Tsering just called. There is a bulldozer that is on its way from Tabo. The Gypsy got through to Tabo and they also informed others about our Xylo and that we are likely to be stuck. Meanwhile, Sonam Dolma also seems to have let her people from her village and the general Pin Valley region know that we (her guests) are stuck, so now there is definite possibility of help. Tshering has instructed us to let him know in case nothing happens by 5.15-5.30, then he will come and pick us up.

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