The Mountain Walker Diaries: Of some fame

Shego, Himachal Pradesh, India, 29 January 2017, 0839 hours:
Something that we may not have mentioned – The Mountain Walker team is now very famous in Kaza. 😃 Everybody from the district administration and local police to PWD and local residents knows there is a documentary group from Pune and Shimla that is stuck in town along with them. Especially since we celebrated and shot footage of Republic Day along with the residents and administration.
Everybody has wished us luck in getting through today. Incidentally, if we do get through, ours will be one of the first vehicles from Kaza side to make it across since the January 25th. 
If we don’t get through, our application for chopper evacuation is also filed, along with those of several local residents.
The district administration, police, and PWD have been very informative and supportive and it feels good to be in this region.

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