The Mountain Walker Diaries: Partridge Ahoy!

Lidang, Himachal Pradesh, India, 29 January 2017, 0855 hours:
We have reached Lidang, the point from where we had turned back on the 25th. 
I keep thinking of Tsering Bodh and Tsering Dolma our hosts in Spiti. We spent the entire 12 days in their home-stay and I marvel at their ability to open their personal home to us and the warmth and affectionate care that they took of us in normal and adverse winter conditions.
And guess what? I finally captured a video of the Chukar Partridges that we have been seeing every now and then! These cute birds are responsible for the odd feet marks I had been wondering about – they can fly but seem to prefer waddling about across the snow on their feet. 😃

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