The Mountain Walker Diaries: All The Parts of Me 

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 30 January 2017, 2144hours:
Back from dinner and the development news is that it has started snowing and at a very fast pace. Which means I have no idea when we will leave from here and when we will reach back.

The good news is that we have had great support from the government bureaucracy in Himachal Pradesh and the ADC in Kaza, in getting the roads open, and great moral support from the local police, Kaza citizens and of course, the entire Sakya Homestay family.

A part of me hopes it snows and snows and snows because the people of Lahaul & Spiti needs. A part of me hopes we make it through before the snowing starts in earnest again.

(A part of me hopes to be stuck here for the next month).

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