The Wayfarer Diaries: Caressed by Mother Nature

23-01-2017, 1154 hours, Hikkim, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India:

As we were driving up to Komic, I realized by now that there was plenty of wild life around Kaza, especially the nearby villages which had very few houses and people living. The reason being, that plenty of foot prints belonging to different animals can be seen everywhere we go, whether on or off the road. I wonder, there are no trees or bushes i.e. Forest here. So, where do the animals go in the day time? Though they are well hidden in their surroundings, which provide the perfect camouflage, and there are plenty of caves here, but still one can see clearly to a wide extent in the distance as there are no big bushes or trees anywhere. Even we have been able to spot a few red foxes in the evenings and also a snow leopard while driving from Rampur to Kaza in the night. And what luck, just a few meters before the village Hikkim we spot two golden eagles who were flying together, plus Himalayan vultures, and this also doesn’t go by, by including a couple of blue sheep grazing on a hill side. Nature is great!

Langza Village01

A Himalayan vulture flying high

Caressed by Mother Nature01

Foot prints of what looks like a small animal such as a red fox


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