The Wayfarer Diaries: Another Day at Langza

23-01-2017, 1630 hours, Langza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh:

We are now on the road that connects Hikkim to Langza as both the villages are on the same ridge line. As the weather is clearer than yesterday with blue sky to the north, we are able to see the Chachochang peak, and the Kangmo peak (also called Kanamo peak, which is 5964 m above sea level) clearly in the distance. The climb to Kangmo peak is a normal one and requires no special climbing equipment. Travellers usually climb the Kangmo peak during the summers, to which the trail is from Kibber village. On the other hand Chachochang peak, which is more conical in shape and is a technical climb, requires proper climbing equipment and a skilled climber. As the sun gets closer to the horizon, the evening colours just make the mountains look fascinating. 


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