The Wayfarer Diaries: The Winter’s Surprise

24-01-2017, 1155 hours, Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India:

We are heading off to Dhankar today, after our plan to go to Mudh got cancelled as it has snowed a lot in the Pin valley, and the road is closed after Sagnam, which is the biggest village in that valley. The weather is cold and cloudy with winds blowing off and on. It has been told to us by the Tsering family, our hosts at Sakya Abode,  that it can snow heavily on the 24th and the 25th. And till now the predictions have been right, though it has only snowed a mere 2-4 inches every time. Though this time I have a gut feeling that it is going to snow heavily, as I look outside the window. And if it does snow heavily, we might be here for longer than what we had planned for. As of now, just hoping that the road uphill to Dhankar Monastery is drive-able, while our wonderful host, Tsering Bodh showed us the prayer room at Sakya Abode.