The Wayfarer Diaries: Destination Dhankar

24-01-2017, 1600 hours, Dhankar, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India:

After some effort, we have finally reached Dhankar. The snow has started to increase and not much is visible in the distance. Though the monastery is closed, we are glad that we were able to make it up here anyway. I guess we were destined to get here. Preparing to head back now after having lunch with some hot tea and Tibetan bread with some veggies. If the snow continues like this, we might have to head back to Kinnaur today itself. But not sure right now, as the decision can only be taken once we get back to Kaza. I even noticed that the snow accumulated on the road increased as we ascended to Dhankar from the national highway below. This is the regular trend everywhere, of snow increasing with altitude. However, I am curious –  the valley floor here is already at an altitude above 3000 m, which is pretty high in itself, and hence it should experience heavy snowfall. But that has not happened till now, with January almost over. Although for now, our only concern is to reach back to Kaza.


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