The Wayfarer Diaries: HPPWD To The Rescue

29-01-2017, 1015 hours, Mane Bridge, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India: 
On reaching Mane Bridge, we see that a Maruti Gypsy has got stuck just a few meters from the bridge, in the section which is still to be cleared. The accumulated snow on the road is about one and a half to two feet. There are a few tourists from Delhi in the Gypsy, assisted by a driver and two more people from Kullu. Though the Maruti Gypsy is a four wheel drive vehicle, and the people in the car are equipped with shovels, the car got stuck as the entire weight of the car is resting on the chassis. This has happened since the tyres have dug so far into the snow while rotating that the chassis has touched the snow in between the tyre patches, and the tyres have been lifted off the ground.
The biggest issue that we have just come across is from the information that the HPPWD is not going to clear the 10 kms patch towards Tabo today, as they have been directed to clear the snow on the Mane village road first.
But for now, it’s necessary to first get the Gypsy out, and for that the HPPWD workers have been requested to help. They are now trying to solve the problem by first getting to the car, simultaneously removing the snow as they move along.