The Wayfarer Diaries: Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere

29-01-2017, 1215 hours, Mane Ḍhank, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India: 
We are now stuck for good. After the HPPWD personnel helped to get the Gypsy out from where it was stuck, we (including the people in the Gypsy) persuaded them to clear the road for a little distance more, assuming that the road being cleared from the Tabo end would soon be through. The HPPWD workers co-operated with us and cleared the road till a patch from where there was a slight downward slope. We highly appreciated this as they had literally gone out of their way in helping us. But as they had other priorities to address, they had to turn back and get on with their job.
Up ahead, the road was full of snow and the Gypsy ventured into it, making a clear line through the snow, with us following it a little distance behind. But we couldn’t get far as our car got stuck after a mere 100 metres on the road. There was too much of snow for our vehicle to cut through and also as our car was a rear wheel drive, the tyres started spinning instantly.
We are now stuck at one of the most dangerous spots on the entire highway from Kaza to Shimla. Everything is silent outside the car, with small snow flakes falling and the faint sound of the Spiti river flowing below. Its time to get into action and start improvising. 



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